Hazard Mitigation

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, wildfires, and other hazardous events are a part of the world in which we live. Natural disasters occur when buildings, infrastructure, agriculture, and other land uses are impacted by a hazardous event. Communities impacted by natural disasters often require years to recover at great social and economic cost. However, the negative impacts of hazardous events can be mitigated by planning strategically for new infrastructure and using construction techniques to reduce the vulnerability of people and damage to property.  

In 2004, New Hanover County Emergency Management prepared the county’s first multi-jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan. The county’s plan was updated in 2016 to include Brunswick and Pender counties. 

Download the Southeastern NC Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan to learn more. 

The Southeastern NC Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan can also be downloaded by section:

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